rebrand & design services for terrapin electric

Terrapin electric is a commercial & residential expert electrical company. After operating under the name “GMEa services” for a number of years, terrapin decided to take a turn in their brand and market strategy, and thus “terrapin electric” was born.

Terrapin Electctric logo marks

Before & after

GMEA services appealed to an industrial, commercial audience. With the rebrand to Terrapin, their goal was to attract high income home owners with a contemporary look.



color theory

a brand’s color palette defines so much about the brand and the way it’s perceived. GMEA’s gold, black, and grey color palette communicates sophistication, power, and formality.

On the other hand, Terrapin’s navy and rainbow palette communicates trust, hope, and inspiration. It has a much lighter and brighter feeling.

The final Results

We gave terrapin an edge against the competition to stand out and attract the exact audience they desire.